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Veterans, Military, & First Responders

I specialize in working with military members, veterans, RCMP, first responders, front-line workers, and correctional officers to address the unique needs of these groups. This includes those who are closest to these members, or you might be looking to attend with your partner/spouse for couples counselling.

Common challenges you may be struggling with

Pandemic, burnout, caregiver fatigue, vicarious trauma, posttraumatic stress, anxiety, depression, negative relationship cycles, adjustment, grief, transitions, identity, and existential questions, emotional overwhelm (alarm bells, antenna up), emotional disconnect (shut down, withdraw, hideout), or feeling directionless or purposeless.

You do not have to navigate this alone.

Things to check before your first appointment

Do you have private health coverage?

Do you need a referral?

Do you have a service number?

Do you have a case number?

Do you have a case manager?

Do you have support for telepsychology services i.e., virtual/phone sessions?